Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 03 July 2018
Dublin start time: 09:00 - end time: 13:00
Central European start time: 10:00 - end time: 14:00

Venue: Room 21.04 “Jacob Van Artevelde” - Virginie Lovelinggebouw (VAC) Koningin Fabiolalaan, 9000 Gent

VAC (Virginie Loveling gebouw) in Ghent, Belgium


NEW AGENDA_NWWAC_ExCom_Ghent_July_2018





Landing Obligation: meetings with the NWW Member States Group

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Functioning of the Advisory Councils:

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Reform of the CFP: EFARO seminar on “The reformed CFP: An analyses of what went wrong what went well and how should the next CFP look like” (24th May, Brussels) report