Horizontal Working Group - Landing Obligation

Thursday, 07 July 2016
Dublin start time: 09:00 - end time: 12:45
Central European start time: 10:00 - end time: 13:45

Venue: Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh

Conference Room 01, Scottish Government Victoria Quay, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ  


Agenda Horizontal Working Group - Landing Obligation, 7th July 2016 

Minutes Horizontal Working  Group on the Landing Obligation, Edinburgh, 7th July 2016 

Meeting presentation

Item 1. Previous meeting (2 February 2016)

Item 2. NWW Member State Group meetings and NWWAC Advice
NWWAC Advice Drafting Group on the Landing Obligation 9-10 May 2016
NWWAC Advice on the implementation of the demersal Landing Obligation in 2017

Item 3. Presentation of the Member State Control Expert Group
Final Report on recommended measures to achieve compliance with the landing obligation in NWW

Item 5. Solutions for choke species
Discard Plan 2017 Joint Recommendation of the North Western Waters MS Group
Discussion document “Chokes needn’t be a problem”

Item 6. Phasing for 2018
List of stocks under TAC management in NWW 

Presentations given at the Access to Quota workshop (Edinburgh 14-15 April 2016):

1 – UK –  North Sea Hake

2 – UK – Spurdog

3 – Spain –  By-Catch Quotas and Others Quotas

4 – NSAC – Work on Choke Species

5 – Germany –  Quota Management and the Landing Obligation


Discussion papers provided by Spain: 

1 – Interspecies Flexibility for pelagic species

2 – By-catch management


Discard studies conducted by France: 

1 – COBRENORD PO – June 2014 till December 2015 – impact assessment of the Landing Obligation on offshore bottom trawlers

2 – CRPMEM – EODE pilot study in Eastern Channel and North Sea- effects of Landing Obligation – fishermen-fleet-shore infrastructure (French only)