AC FishMap: The New Interactive Online Map for Fisheries Stakeholders

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The North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC) is announcing today the launch of an innovative online map tool to improve accessibility to important fisheries-relevant data. 

This easy-to-use map-based tool, named AC FishMap, covers the NWWAC’s remit, ICES Areas 6 and 7. Developed for fishers and fisheries stakeholders, it supplies information on topics such as regulatory measures, marine users and legislative boundaries. User accessibility has been prioritised during the tool’s development.

“I am pleased to see the publication of this site as a result of a lot of work coordinated by the NWWAC. It promises to be a very useful tool for fisheries and other stakeholders,” said Emiel Brouckaert, Chairman of the NWWAC. “This sort of data is often difficult to access or to bring together. Presenting this information in an intuitive manner will help the interested parties better understand legislation and stakeholder interaction with the marine space.”

The tool was developed following a scoping study conducted in late 2021 among NWWAC members, the result of which was used to design the tool itself. The tool can be used to display fisheries-relevant information. Layers can be downloaded and screenshots can be made for use at sea or they can be saved in a ‘presets’ feature for quick access. A filter feature helps manage combinations of layers, while an inbuilt tutorial and FAQs help guide users around the tool.

Information present on the tool includes:

  • Regulatory measures from key EU legislation, searchable through ICES sub-areas and other filters
  • Closed, protected and conservation areas
  • Other marine spatial uses such as offshore windfarms
  • Legislative boundaries.

AC FishMap will be updated on a regular basis and there is potential to add further information over time. The NWWAC Secretariat welcomes thoughts and feedback on the tool.

The tool can be found here:

For further information, get in touch at 

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Notes to editors

The North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC) is a representative EU fisheries stakeholder advisory body as defined in the Common Fisheries Policy. It is established in Ireland and produces regular advice on its own initiative or at the request of the European Commission and the concerned Member States on all relevant matters related to fisheries in the of ICES areas 6 and 7.

Essentially, the NWWAC is an open forum for dialogue between the fishing sector with representatives of catching and processing sectors and trade unions) and other interest groups, including environmental NGOs, consumers’ representatives, recreational anglers and civil society.

NWWAC website:

NWWAC Secretariat contact: Mo Mathies | | T: +353 1 2144 143 |

M: +353 87 238 2136